Life Journey of Ganesh Bahadur Shrestha

Ganesh Bahadur Shrestha is an exceptional individual who has selflessly served his local community in Bandipur. Because he had to experience the adversities of life at a very early age, Shrestha has helped many families both in Bandipur as well as in the municipal town of Narayangarh in numerous and unique ways.  He continues to actively be of assistance to his community in a very low-keyed and quiet manner. Because of his unpretentious modesty, he also never sought personal fame and prominence through newspapers, radio or other media outlets. Nonetheless, “Ganesh Bahadur Shrestha” is a much esteemed and illustrious name among Bandipure households, no matter where they may be currently residing. He has always been the first to roll up his sleeves in order to tackle the challenges within his community. His services to the people range from resolving family issues, helping families physically and financially during wedding ceremonies and funeral rites, as well as supporting various charity works within his group of people. His services transcended beyond just the Newar neighborhoods of the township. He has also enthusiastically served the population of various other ethnic groups in the area such as the Gurungs, Magars, Bahuns, Chettris, Damais, Kamis, Sarkis and Kasais. As a result, he brought joy into the lives of many who were privileged to have known him.

Born in 1936 in the hill-top town of Bandipur, 90 miles west of Kathmandu, Nepal, Ganesh Bahadur learned to face the challenges of life at a very early age. He lost his father when he was only a year old. Along with his brother Surya Lal Shrestha, he was raised by his widowed mother, Swasti Devi Shrestha. They had to initially face overwhelming odds in their lives. With very little support from his immediate family circle, he had to pave his own path to success. As a result of his absolute determination and steadfastness, a glimmer of hope eventually began to shine into his life. In time, Ganesh Bahadur became a successful businessman, and thereby proving that one does not need to inherit vast amounts of wealth in order to prosper in life. He never had any ambitious or selfish dreams for himself. Instead, he helped others who were needier than him find a better footing in their own lives.  Although he was personally unable to obtain high school and college degrees, he understood the value of education and constantly influenced others to do the same. He was very intuitive about the vagaries of life and this allowed him to serve his community with critical judgment and good counseling whenever it was called for. And while he may not have been a scholar, he had nevertheless witnessed, learnt, and experienced many of life’s sweet and bitter realities. Accordingly, whether it was up or down time in his survival, he simply continued to shine and smile.

Over the years, his magnanimous acts have inspired many others and touched countless hearts. And, while being is a true champion, he is all the same an unsung hero. He is unquestionably an epitome of honesty, integrity and hope. He is not only an individual of extraordinary strength and humility but also a person with an outstanding sense of humor. He always believes in giving to those who are financially less fortunate but are able to demonstrate the potential to succeed.

Ganesh Bahadur currently resides in Naryangarh, Nepal with his wife Mishri Devi Shrestha and his mother Swasti Devi Shrestha who is 100 years old. The couple is blessed with four daughters (Rukmani, Subarna, Renuka and Rita) and a son, Dr. Hemanta Shrestha.  In memory of their late son Shyam Krishna Shrestha, Ganesh Bahadur and Mishri Devi Shrestha established the “Shyam Pratik Foundation” in 1996 at Balkumari College in Narayangarh, Nepal. This foundation awards scholarships to the talented students at the College on an annual basis. With the necessary input from this foundation, Ganesh Bahadur Shrestha and his family intends to help economically vulnerable people in their community.  Even at the age of 72, he is still actively serving his local community in Narayangarh in as many ways as he possibly can.